Oral Presentation Guidelines


*Oral presentations of volunteered papers are 10 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion(15 minutes in total for Q&A).

*All presenters must bring their PowerPoint / PDF presentation on a USB memory key one hour before their presentation to have it pre‐loaded on the session computers. Individual *presentations then begin with the click of a mouse.

*All events are conducted in English.

*Practice your presentation beforehand and time it.  

*Use active words, short sentences. Words should reinforce visual material.  

*Our events are designed to be as interactive and frank as possible. All speakers and participants are encouraged to participate in their own personal capacity.

*Participants are encouraged to contribute in their own personal capacity.

*Speak loudly and clearly.  

*You may wish to bring business cards to share your contact information with other conference attendees.


Best Oral Presentation Award 


The main purpose of instituting a Best Oral Presentation Award: This award is intended to reward the presenters for the extra effort it takes to prepare a top caliber presentation. Through this mechanism we hope to encourage an even higher caliber of presentation.
The Award: The recipient will receive a certificate.
Number of Awards: each session will select a best oral presentation
Student best presentation: The award is open to any presenter under 35 years of age.

The criteria for the Best Oral Presentation Award are:

*Clarity of submitted abstract

*Importance of the work

*Novelty of the work

*Level of completion of the work

*Uniqueness or originality of the research topic

*Ability of the presenter to explain the work

ICIMSP 2023 awards at least one best paper award at each session. The best paper is selected by scores compiled by the at least 2 session chairs from those papers that have received the highest review scores and/or highest number of best paper award nominations. 

*The general chair can choose to create additional awards, such as more than one best paper award, a best student paper award, or best paper awards in specific areas.
** Presentation: The awards shall be announced during the conference, and the names of award winners will be published in conference News.